Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion
   Beauty. Representation. Self Love. The way we express ourselves comes in different forms and shapes, whether it be through words, actions, or attributes. But for Ashlyn Soriano Silva (11), her way of expressing is through her love for fashion.
She has been experimenting with her style since she was in 6th grade. She has been through many journeys through her life, but her sense of self is reflected through her choice of clothing and aesthetic.
   Silva has had an eye for designs, layering, and colors as she was influenced by many of her favorite artists, as well as social media influencers. Her fashion role models such as Best Dressed aka Ashley and Oh no Nina have helped her figure out her sense of style which mainly leans towards soft pastel palettes.
   “I don’t dress for anyone else, I dress for myself. Even though it’s stereotypical for girls to like fashion, it’s honestly a world of its own. The whole thought process, designs, and all the people that are into it,” said Silva.
   Silva has had many people come up to her to ask for advice, or some tips to make their outfits better. She has always loved the fact people came up to her whenever they needed to make an outfit for school, parties, dance, or just going out.
She loves when they feel confident in their own skin as they express themselves through their clothes that she helped with. Silva focuses on being original and imaginative, while working with artistic media to help others figure out their style.
   “When other people ask me those questions, I always ask, Do you want to be comfortable, Do you want to be cute? And they tell me the type of clothes they want incorporated, and I’m like I can do that. I love when they ask me because it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I made them feel good,” said Silva.
   Silva has also been through a lot with her own skin and confidence. Silva explained that growing up it’s been tough with social media, personal matters, and insecurities that influenced her negative mindset.
But as she discovered her true worth she also felt more happier in the clothes she wore. She loved knowing that with the right mindset she can accomplish a lot, especially feeling happy with her own self.
   “It’s definitely harder for bigger bodies to find clothes that fit you, and it self deprecating your esteem. It’s so indirectly hurtful. That’s why I know in the future I can’t wait to start my own brand to make people feel warm and accepted because all body types are beautiful,” said Silva.
   Silva plans to continue her self-love journey along with knowing that fashion doesn’t need a type of body. She is passionate about her clothing, design, and creativity whenever she starts to create new outfits.
Silva hopes to open her own clothing store in the near future to represent all shapes and sizes so everyone knows that any type of body is beautiful no matter what clothes you put on.