Spotify Wrapped 2021- Featuring Your Movie Soundtrack Down to Your Aura

As the end of 2021 approaches, Spotify has released users’ personalized top songs, artists, and genres of the year. New features such as the aura and movie soundtrack offer an interactive way to look back at the most listened songs and memories of the year.
   When viewing Spotify Wrapped, listeners are able to view their top five genres, songs, and artists. Along with memories of their song choices, viewers can see the minutes listened and get an overview of their general  music taste.
   “I feel like I got a good representation of my music but there were a few things I wish they added such as a few songs I listened to more rather than just the top songs,” explained Muskaan Adeel (12).
   The 2021 Spotify Wrapped has new features never seen before. The aura feature shows users their overall vibe from their music taste. Ranging from energetic to bold and wistful and focused, users can enjoy a more in-depth, personalized version of their most memorable music moments.
   “Mine was wistful and focused… Focused makes sense because a lot of times when i listen to music it’s when I’m doing homework,” said Yzabella Reyes (12) when asked about her aura.
   The aura feature was not the only feature this year. The movie soundtrack was a fan favorite as the listener’s songs were organized into opening and fight songs in a movie soundtrack representing their life. The new aspects drew attention as users rushed to post their personalized Spotify Wrapped on social media and share with friends.
   While Spotify Wrapped appeals to the listeners, artists saw huge success in the form of Spotify streams. Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” held the number one spot as the most streamed song. Her debut made major headlines as teenagers and adults alike streamed her song and later, album, endlessly.
   “I am really happy “Driver’s License” became the most streamed song for this year. Olivia Rodrigo is such a relatable artist as she shares the emotional struggles and heartbreak she goes through with other people her age,” said Aamir Haq (12).
   Bad Bunny held the most streamed artist, continuing his streak from last year, with an astounding 9.1 billion streams. The other top five artists included Drake, Taylor Swift, Juice WRLD, and Kanye West.