December Traditions


The Christmas Pickle featured in article

   The month of December is known for its cold weather, decorations, and family gatherings. Getting in the holiday spirt and being joyful is just a small part of what this moth has to offer. This year, students have kept their annual December traditions alive by celebrating Christmas.
   When Athena Luong (11), thinks of December, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas. This year, she is going to spend her break hanging out with friends and family. Luong hopes that she will get to celebrate the yearly tradition of opening presents with her cousins on Christmas Eve.
   “I’m excited to hang out with my cousins, were having our annual cousins christmas and we all made a wish list with each other so I’m really happy I get to spend time with them,” said Luong.
   Celebrating Christmas with her family, Kamalani Mendoza (11), is excited to partake in her families annual Christmas Tradition. Mendoza enjoys Christmas because it means family time and enjoys eating traditional christmas snacks.
   “My favorite thing about christmas is getting to spend time with my family, watch movies, and get gifts for them…it brings our family together, which is rare because we are always busy. I really like eating cinnamon buns while watching christmas movies with my family,” said Mendoza.
   Christmas is usually spent with the ones we love most. For many students, their Grandma plays a big role during the month of December. Most students have a deep appreciation for their grandma and adore the unique love and enjoyment that they bring to Christmas.
   Christmas fanatic and grandmother, Cathi Bushaw, enjoys this time of year most. Bushaw loves how her family comes together and exchanges gifts with one another. During this time of year, she always enjoys her favorite Christmas traditions.
   “I think my favorite christmas tradition has to be the Christmas pickle. Every year I love how my grandkids search for it in the tree during our Christmas party. I’m really looking forward to getting the family together again for that,” said Bushaw.
   The month of December holds many holiday traditions. Christmas has been a great way for most families to regroup and celebrate their traditions that they were unable to do during the pandemic. This season many students have felt a sense of happiness and gratitude and look forward to celebrating with family by following their traditions.