Ms. Heath

Ms. Heath

Jamie Symkowick, Staff Writer

Out of over a hundred teachers here at heritage, many are intertwined with our school like Ms. Heath. She teaches English 1, AP English 3, and speech and debate. Inside the classroom, she teaches her students the required curriculum, but also goes above and beyond, while making sure that no one gets left behind.

  No matter the subject, Ms. Heath never gives up on her students, and is always working with them to help better their education. Some of her students  may say that Ms. Heath can be a tough teacher, but it is only a dose of tough love, that can be needed by some of her students. She supports her students, in their toughest of times and always believes in them.

  On top of teaching 3 different classes, she is also the club advisor of both book club and NHS. Many of her students, past and present find her to be one of, if not the best teacher that they have ever had, like one of her former students, Matthew Murray said,

“I Had her two years ago, but she was, and still is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had.”

“I Had her as a teacher Freshman year, and having her was a great introduction to heritage.”

  Said her former english 1 student, Justin Lund during an Interview. Both Murray and Lund, said that they wished they were still in her class. Murray went on to say that she was very good at making her students understand the required material, while still making the class fun and enjoyable.

  All though Ms. Heath teaches many different classes, many students do not get the opportunity to meet her or be in her class, which is unfortunate. Ms. Heath is nice enough to help anyone and everyone that comes into her class to ask her for help, with no questions asked.