Teachers Outside of The Classroom


Autumn Wingate, Staff Writer

We have all seen teachers in their own environment, inside of a classroom where their “safe space” is. Although, if you ever wondered what they are like outside of their comfortable environment, then many people would recommend you to go see the Teacher Talent Show.

The Teacher Talent Show, which took place Tuesday October 29th in the Heritage High theater, gave teachers a chance to show off their amazing talents. This show put on to fundraise for the Class of 2023 was a big hit as people enjoyed the crazy, yet unique talents of our schools’ own staff that you would never see happen in a classroom.

For instance, Mr. Beyer and Mr. Bonnie dancing together or even Miss Tomaschke singing in different languages.

Andrew Smith(12) has not only worked behind the scenes of the Teacher Talent Show, but has been an audience member as well. He enjoyed working behind the scenes with the staff but feels as if being in the audience gives him a different kind of appreciation for the production.

“It’s different being in the audience because knowing what is happening behind the curtain makes you appreciate sitting in the audience more,” stated Smith.

Seeing things from a different perspective, Keely Gleason(11) helped work on this production for the first time this year. While Gleason is normally working on the Rising Stars Club big productions as the ATD (Assistant Technical Director), she had a different type of appreciation for this show.

“I love being able to appreciate the production aspect of a simple show like this one,” Gleason expressed.

While working behind the scenes is stressful, she still finds working on shows like this to be a fun and great opportunity to not only work on her craft, but work with the amazing staff that participates.

“I try my best to work on anything where the technical crew is needed for all the productions like these the school puts on. It allows me to gain knowledge and experience,” stated Gleason.

Besides the students, a key perspective to this whole production are the teachers themselves. Mr. Beyer, having a hand in the organizing and coordinating aspect of the show, had nothing but positive comments and feelings to share.

Although Mr. Beyer admits it can be challenging at times, he expressed how worth it is when he gets to see and hear such positive feedback from the audience during and after the show.

While everyone has a different perspective of these shows, in the end everyone is laughing and comes out of the theater with great memories and a better bond and appreciation for the teachers.