Mrs. Pedrotti

Emma Brennan, Staff Writer

Full of knowledge, quick wit, and creativity Mrs. Pedrotti is a well know teacher on the Heritage High School Campus. Teaching both AP English Literature and StageCraft, Mrs. Pedrotti educates students in literature and stage tech while teaching lessons along the way.

   “I don’t care if you do bad in my class or fail the exam if you’re one of my students, so long as you put in the work, you’ll come out of my class a better writer,” Mrs. Pedrotti to her AP literature class.

   Mrs. Pedrotti stands out with her care for her students futures. Giving advice and charitably offering help on Uc application prompts she does all she can to help her students achieve their goals for college.

   “I went to Mrs. Pedrotti every week for a month” Izzabella Strimling (12) on getting help with UC application prompts, “they looked nothing like they started in the beginning of the month, but they were definitely a million times better”.

   Outside of the classroom Mrs. Pedrotti is a dedicated technical director of the Heritage high school Rising Stars productions. Having been helping with tech since the programs creation she knows her way around backstage; from setbuilding to hair and makeup she knows how to make magic happen on stage.

  “She can be hard sure,” Jakie Duran (12), assistant technical director, “but no one could ever make these shows come together like she can.”

  A sometimes strict manner is needed to get a backstage crew of 30 + students functioning together. However, that doesn’t stop Mrs. Pedrotti from being unable to crack a quick joke every once in awhile.

   “She cracks me up,” Victoria Peddie (12), “she does impersonations during class that kill me.”

  Mrs. Pedrotti is a fiesty English teacher and Technical director that cares dearly for her students, teaching life lessons alongside the curriculum that they will take with them to future schools.