Pioneer Embezzlement

Jenna Hards, Social Media Editor

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This past month a shocking occurrence took place at Brentwood’s own Pioneer Elementary School.    While the embezzlement of the PTA funds seems like something that everyone should know about, it’s surprising to hear how many Heritage students and those in the community are unaware of what transpired.
“I actually have not heard much about the Pioneer problem,” Zach Welker a member of the Brentwood community stated, “This does worry me that something like this could happen in a community like Brentwood.”
For those who are unaware, on August 21st, the Pioneer PTA notified Principle McClure of the strange charges found on their accounts. It turned out that almost $28,000 was embezzled from the PTA board by their former treasurer. They have recently been arrested and  convicted of the crime. The superintendent of the Brentwood Union School District has already released a statement confirming that the money that was embezelled, would be replaced and the funding would be honored.
Crimes such as these being brought into the light can cause a lot of worry around the community. If such a thing occurred at a school like Pioneer, who’s to say it couldn’t happen at a school like Heritage, or any of the other schools.
“It makes me wonder if crimes like this are happening at other schools too,” remarked Bilal Hamid (12).
Others, however, are not as concerned.
“This doesn’t really worry me, these kinds of things all come down to the type of person people put in charge of things like money,” explained Austin Hollifield (11).
The opinions on this case, are somewhat split. Some, are left wondering and worrying if something like this will happen again. While others, see it as a common crime and nothing to spend too much thought on.