Want Better Photos?


Abby Yamaguchi, Assistant Photography Editor

Most people our age like to document every moment of our day and share it for our friends to see. We love to take photos of our greatest moments and show them off to the world. Here are a few ways to improve the photos you post on your social media, with your Iphone.

Clean the camera lens: Take a second to wipe your camera off with a microfiber cloth or a soft t-shirt. Nothing is worse than taking a great photo only to realize that you had a fingerprint on your lens.

Off the grid?: Go to your settings and go to your camera settings to turn on the grid. By having this on your camera it will help you get a better composition and a leveled photo.

Select your focus point: Click where you want the camera to focus. This will give you control of what is the focal point of the photo and will make it unique.

DO NOT ZOOM IN: When taking a photo DO NOT zoom in. It is tempting to zoom in but it will make your photo pixelated and poor quality.

Get the best lighting: You want a soft light on your subject so go find a big window and put your subject in front of it. When taking photos outside put the sun behind or on the side of your subject for best results.

Perspective: Don’t be afraid to move yourself or your subject to get a unique perspective. Get closer, or further, get lower, or higher whatever gives your audience a better understanding of the experience!

Rule of thirds: Use that handy grid that you put on your phone to put your subject in line with one of the grid lines.

Framing: Use props or your environment to bring the eyes of your audience to your subject. Such as: two pillars, symmetrical windows or, flowers… BE CREATIVE!

Candid: Take A LOT of photos to capture those candid moments! The most genuine smiles come from those giggles in between photos.

Edit: If you choose to edit your photos (which you probably don’t need to do!) try to keep them as natural as possible. Or make your own style by adding warmer tones or less contrast whatever your heart desires!

WAIT! Before you post that amazing photo ask yourself these questions: Does it bring anyone down? Is it negative? Could it hurt others? Could it hurt me? Is it accurate? If you said yes to any of these questions think again before you post.

  Social media is usually very harmful to our mental health. We see the best parts of people’s lives, because that is what they want you to see. They don’t want you to see that they are struggling with money, family, relationships, grades, or poor self-esteem. When people spend hours looking at other people’s “perfect” life they look at their own life or themself and wonder why their life is not “perfect”. I am pretty sure that you have felt that way while looking through scrolling through Instagram or looking at Snapchat stories.

So lets try this again, Is it true? Is it positive? Will it make everyone smile? Will it bring people up?  If you said yes to ALL of these questions then you can post those awesome pictures