Winter Rally

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Winter Rally

Camila DeJesus, Staff Writer

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December 7th, Heritage High School hosted its annual Winter Rally in the gym.
As per usual the school was entertained with performances by our very own varsity cheer and dance team.
“It’s always so fun performing during rallies. Especially the Winter Rally, ‘cos everyone’s in the spirit, and the enthusiasm from the crowd really energized the team,” said Kailyn Lozano (10), who has been on the Heritage Varsity cheer team for two years.
Alongside dance and cheer, the school’s hip-hop club performed their own self choreographed routine.
“What I liked about performing in the rally was that I can dance with my friends, and feel like a family. And we all come together afterwards to show appreciation to each other on how well we did. Also after rallies we get compliments on how we performed, and that they look forward to seeing us perform again, which always puts a smile on the teams’ faces,” said Milove Byas (10), the head of the Hip-Hop club.
Besides the great performances from the Heritage teams and clubs, games were also held between the grades. Leadership set a row of dodge balls out, separating the gym floor, and each grade took a turn playing dodge ball. But with a twist, each participating member was to wear drunk goggles; goggles which have been tinkered with to accurately simulate the sight of someone heavily under the influence.
After several intense rounds, the sophomores ended up winning.                                        Alongside dodge ball games, volunteer members from each grade competed in a gift wrapping competition, where each member was to wrap a gift in a certain amount of time, while quite literally rapping.
“The games were really fun this time around. You could see and hear each grade cheering and urging on their players, it really just goes to show how much spirit this school has,” said Ashley Yee (10).
And finally to top off the last Heritage rally of 2018, the varsity drum line performed, showing off their spirit with bright Christmas lights and marching, which really amazed the crowd.
“I loved when the drum line played their music while marching around, and decorated with lights. It was really awesome, they never fail to entertain,” said Alyssa Corey (10).
Moreover, the Heritage Winter rally was a big success, and Heritage will be looking forward to the next rally in the Spring.