Make It Shine


Nevaeh Alvarez, Staff Writer

     Victorious is a show that begins as a group of teenagers who were going to a performing arts school. The show was introduced by the main character Tori Vega who has a sister that goes to a performing arts High School called Hollywood Arts. Tori was going to Trina’s performance at Hollywood Arts although before the performance Trina got an allergic reaction which caused her tongue to swell up. After lots of convincing Tori ended up taking her sister’s spot and performed which led her to get into Hollywood Arts.
     The main female character was Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) who had most songs sung during this show. Her main talent was singing but also was acting during the show. The most popular song she sang was Beggin’ On Your Knees. 
     The show reveals other main characters Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, Jade West, Robbie Shapiro, Cat Valentine, Sinjin Van Cleef, Mr. Sikowitz and Rex. The storyline would have many problematic situations that would lead the group to solve even though it may lead them into trouble.
     One of the characters that were popular was Andra Harris (Leon Thomas III) who would write and produce music in the show, who would also a collab with Tori in the show. He was talented in many instruments. The most listened songs he was in were Song 2 You and Tell Me That You Love Me. 
     Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia) was also one of the main male characters in the show. His talent was in acting. In the show, he was dating Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) whose character was a mature and straight forward person. She was talented in movie making, acting, and singing. Her most popular songs in the show were Give It Up, Take A Hint, It’s Not Christmas Without You, and You Don’t Know Me
     One of the more funny and comedic people in the cast was Robbie Shapiro (Matt Benett) whose character had a puppet named Rex. He was more of the character that the other characters made fun of during the show. They were two songs that they were in 5 Fingaz to the face that Beck Oliver was also in. And Robbie Shapiro had a solo song called I Think You’re Swell.
     The happiest and always brought the kid-friendly of the show was Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), her main talents include singing and acting. Her character was extremely nice to everyone she met but random outbursts of emotion would come into play. Her character had many duets in the show to name a few L.A Boyz, Give It Up and also 5 Fingaz to the face.
     Netflix brought the show back and many people were excited to rewatch and listen to the nostalgic songs and memories from the show. Many liked watching it due to being able to have things in common with older siblings.
     “I liked that I can relate to my older siblings because they can watch it too and I could watch it with them,” stated Lucas Mills (10)
     The show was watched by many young audiences, and some of the jokes are mature but from that point many kids who are young still watch it. And don’t fully understand some of the jokes they make. It can depend on performances of what is too mature for some young audiences to watch.
“There some mature jokes in there that they have but I guess everyone can watch it,” mentioned Ysabella White (10).
People have different opinions on the show, many have said the reboot would be successful because of how it ended in after 3 years of the show airing. But some have different outlooks that characters would not be appealing to today’s era of kids.
“The cast is all old and they are all doing other things,” stated Mollie Eastwood (9)
      The show had many dance and singing breaks which lead to many people to have a nostalgic memory of the show. Whether or not the cast decides on having a reboot or not many people are watching it on Netflix today.