Talent Show 2020


Autumn Wingate, Staff Writer

“And our next contestants are…”

Those are the words each brave soul hears before presenting their unique talents at the Heritage High School talent show.
Each year, leaderships PACfam (performing arts crew), puts on Heritage Highs annual talent show where students get to show off their crazy or amazing talents. While the talent show is one of the schools bigger productions, PACfam also puts on other productions such as Heritage Idol, the teacher talent show, Mr. Patriot, and more. Any type of production where students are taken out of their normal elements, such as their bedroom, can be nerve-racking and stressful. Although, they aren’t the only ones stressed.
PACfam’s own Abby Muse (12) and Kaitlyn Jeffery (12) put in a lot of work and time to make sure that every production they put on is as perfect as can be. Abby expressed how stressful, yet rewarding experiences of putting on these productions can be.
“It takes a lot of time and extra behind the scenes work to put on shows, and our crew helps us brainstorm as well as run the actual show,” Muse expressed.
While neither Muse or Jeffery participate in any Rising Star theater productions, they admit that being on this crew allows them to meet and interact with a lot of new and cool people.
Mateo Orozco (11), is very active in many of the schools productions and musical extracurriculars. He has been apart of the Heritage Drumline, along with Jazz Band, for all three of his years at the school so far. Orozco is no stranger to PACfam production either, as he participated in the Teacher Talent Show in 2019.
Orozco participated in the 2020 student talent show with his band Spaceage as the drummer, as he has been playing the drums for five years now. Along with helping out in an additional band. He admits that it is exhilarating being apart of the student talent show with his own band.
“The overall experience of playing in the teacher talent show was pretty cool, I got to connect with some of my teachers in a way I usually would not. I think playing with my band in the talent show will be a lot more fun because we’re playing songs that I tend to enjoy more, rather than just helping with the teacher talent show even if the song wasn’t my taste of music,” Orozco admits.
Although Orozco participated in two different bands at the Talent Show, he found this particular production to be a lot more “relaxed and chill”.
Olivia Greenway (12), who was no stranger to Pacfam productions, got the opportunity to show off her singing skills for a second time at the Talent Show with her friend, Charis. She has been singing since she was a little girl and enjoys being able to tell stories through her music. Greenway had just recently been a part of Heritage Idol, another PACfam production where everyone is only singing, and admits that the two were drastically different.
“It was different because everyone was singing, and it got semi competitive. Everyone at the talent show though was really nice and supportive of all the other acts,” Greenway expressed.
While Greenway enjoys the competitive productions, in the end she is just there to express her love of music.
Although these types of productions can come with some stress and nerves, in the end it is all about the fun experiences and memories you gain.