Movies online or at the theatre?



“A good crowd to see a classic movie with pipe organ concert starts filling seats” by niiicedave is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

   Movies have become an important source of entertainment and have always been able to capture our attention. Entertainment overall has become greatly consumed than ever before due to the lack of activities offered to the public. Spending time at home in our quarantine bubbles has become the norm during these past few months.
   Many theatres have not been out for the public and now streaming services online have made a come back. Now, more people at home are able to access the newest movie online, rather than going out. But what makes a movie experience satisfying for people not that they cannot go to theatres?
   For Haley Bell (12), enjoying movies is best when with loved ones and friends. Bell even notes that it has become more convenient to watch with friends online and would love her own personal theatre.
   “I mean if I had my own personal theatre, I’d prefer that, but I find watching movies online to be a lot more accessible and easier to watch with friends. I’m gonna say I prefer watching movies online since movie theatres are a little overpriced and I’m broke,” said Bell.
   Dominic Trezza (12), a fellow film watcher, appreciates a good movie whether it be at the theater or at home with friends or family. Now that the pandemic has hit, there are not a lot of things to do and go out. Watching more movies at home has become the usual for families.
   “Yes, because of the lack of things to do, me and my friends and family have been watching a lot more movies to pass the time and distract us from the world around us,” exclaimed Trezza.
For Isabella Baeza (12), lover for horror films, watching a movie at home can be distracting. Although, watching at home has become easier for her to express her emotions for the movie. She feels watching at home makes her feel more comfortable.
   “Sometimes, I can be easily distracted but it can also make it more interesting. If it’s an emotional film I can get really into it because I know I can cry and not be embarrassed in a room full of people,” stated Baeza.
   Although theaters have not become open during this time, people continue to find ways to watch at home. People have even found ways to watch movies with friends online, despite the circumstances. Movies at home have allowed us to become more comfortable and delightful with loved ones.