Bad Choices, Worst Timing


“lets get the party started” by Tim . Simpson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Richard Metcalf

Since the ’80s, high school house parties have been a cliché in youth entertainment. Whether it be a costume party in October or a gift exchange in December parties tend to stay harmless and without crime.
Sadly, there are some instances where, like in the movies, teens make poor decisions. This usually includes underage drinking or the use of illegal substances. But with Covid-19 sweeping the nation, the simple notion of a large party is reprehensible.
As the normal idiot teen stereotype suggests, many high school students have put themselves and their families at risk by hosting large parties or gatherings during Covid. Many even partake in the same illegal activities as previously mentioned. Dozens of schools have been forced to stay online because of irresponsible parties.
For instance, a large group of teens in Marin single-handedly forced their Catholic school to close after holding a series of large parties and sleepovers. The student’s actions are much more dangerous considering the average age of the Catholic teachers.
Many have devoted their lives to helping these students through their education and faith, meaning they are in an at-risk age group. Considering this, putting these people at risk should be nothing short of a crime.
Schools in Maine have had to delay in-person schooling due to irrational partying, even though they were in the clear to open. This is terrible. With most of the world forced to use problematic distance learning, ruining a chance for in-person schooling is simply terrible. As someone who has experienced the struggles of distance learning, even hybrid learning would mean the world to me and most people I know, so I detest this behavior.
Although I feel strongly that unsafely partying is inexcusable, I can see the desire for in-person human connection. Luckily there are very few drawbacks to safely gathering, as long as all participants are healthy, young, and willing to practice safety guidelines.
To be safe you first must research, simply listening to the top doctors of the world can help you stay healthy and more importantly keep loved ones healthy. The only problem is research on a topic this grim is not fun, luckily I’ve done it for you!
This shouldn’t have to be said but wear a mask! While you may be healthy a mask will save those around you that are at-risk. Next, it is immensely important to stay socially distant, while you may want to hug loved ones it is much more important to stay safe.
Finally, be conscious of your own well-being, if you feel sick stay home. Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, and get all nutrients for your immune system. While you may be safe from being sick, millions of people around the world are not so please #Slow The Spread!