Brenna Enos: Heritage Alumni

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Brenna Enos: Heritage Alumni

Francesco Bianchi, Editor In Chief

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Brenna Enos,a 2016 Heritage graduate has broken metaphorical ground on her own online webzine, New Era Weekly, an “online magazine run by young adults for adults.”

  The website, maintained by Enos when she’s not writing for the Brentwood Press, the Los Medanos College Experience or studying for classes, hosts stories revolving around current news, self-expression, politics, entertainment, music and reviews.  It attempts to be a refreshing change for young readers bombarded with “unfulfilling news stories of celebrity scandals on our Twitter feeds, petty crimes on our local television networks or the unattainable body images we see in magazines” Enos says as she describes how her new website produces more than these subjects.

    Enos began her high school career at Heritage High School in 2012 and that same year began her journey to becoming the burgeoning journalist and entrepreneur she is today.

Her freshman year, Enos started her publications career with Mass Communications. Continuing on into her junior year, she took part in the yearbook team and with her hard work was quickly given the title News Section Editor of the Heritage High School yearbook. Senior year she kept that title but gained a new one, Editor and Chief of the Journalism team for Heritage. Even with very little previous experience, Enos was able to pull the team together to produce four hefty issues that year. Her hard work and talent did not go unnoticed, Enos was awarded the Heritage High School Mass Media Scholarship, a feat not easily obtained.

  Enos’ impressive high school career was not restricted to only mass media and communications either. As commissioner of the art section of leadership, Enos earned the “Leader of the Year” award, given to only those who truly deserve the title by devoting countless hours of work. Her hard work and devotion turned out to be more fruitful than imagined, bagging her the Leadership Scholarship also.

Enos was also in the Tech crew for her senior year and most of her skills were utilized in the Hair and Makeup department of the Tech crew where she produced incredible makeup and hair throughout various plays such a 12 Angry Jurors, Drowsy Chaperone, and The Senior Show. Like clockwork, her hard work almost always paid off, becoming a distinguished Thespian.

While still maintaining Honor Roll every semester of her high school career, make countless posters for leadership, publish the Heritage Ledger, direct in the yearbook, and produce spectacular work in hair and makeup, Enos was still able to be a part of multiple clubs and volunteer for two of her years at Heritage. The true triumph is how Enos is utilizing her experience and accolades to her benefit after graduating.

Currently Enos is attending Los Medanos College, working in their Journalism program, learning more about the profession and perfecting her craft for journalism. Enos’ thirst for work is not quenched with merely her intense college classes. Enos has gone on to have five works published by The Brentwood Press, being a paid correspondent, a dream for most Journalism students.

  After recently revisiting Heritage and giving a presentation to the Journalism class, Enos has proven that hard work and diligence will in the end prove to be fruitful for the future. Enos has inspired many students with her accomplished high school career and works.


Visit her new site here!