Sarah Lefebvre: Alumni of 2015


Brianna McColgin, Staff Writer

After four years of high school, the thought of stepping blindly into the ‘real world’ is almost always stuck in the back of our minds.

  For 2015 Heritage graduate Sarah Lefebvre, high school definitely prepared her for certain aspects of life over others,

  “I personally think there needs to be more “real life” education in high school, such as teaching students about how taxes, mortgages, loans, 401k, etc work. Even if it was just one class that was required to be taken as an elective that helps prepare students for the “adult” parts of the real world, that would be incredibly help” said Lefebvre.

  After her graduation, Sarah chose to attend LMC for two years, while working to eventually attend a UC.

  “I completed my first 2 years of college at LMC & then transferred. I would highly recommend going to a JC before a University.”

  “Not only does it save a ton of money, but the class structure at a JC is a lot like highschool in that the class sizes are smaller & the teachers are very accessible for help,” said Lefebvre.

  Because of how attending teachers are here at Heritage, for better or worse, it can make it hard for students to adjust to the fast paced lifestyle of college. The immense class sizes combined with the excitement and stress of completing a major can make  college a massive culture shock, especially for students going straight to a four year.

  “The hardest thing for me to get used to at a University is how large the class sizes are, & how hard it can be to get help on school work. Some of my classes have 300 students in them & it’s absolutely insane”. Said Lefebvre.

  Although university life is incredibly different that what she’s used to, Sarah does feel that the social aspect of high school has given her some great skills for the future. Although it would have been nice to have  known a bit more about the world before moving past high school, she feels that her maturity levels were definitely there, thanks to her high school experience.