Fallon Brown: Alumni of 2017


Farrah Brown, Staff Writer

With college on the horizon, many people want an idea of what the future has in store. A good way to learn about the college experience is by asking others who attend college how their experience is.

  Diablo Valley College student, Fallon Brown, recognized the vast difference between life at high school versus life at college. She is a Heritage graduate from the class of 2017 and has been attending college for almost a year now.

  “There is a lot more freedom in college. For example you can leave class whenever and they don’t try to keep tabs on you like they did at high school. Although, it’s always important to be present for every class, it really feels like your education is completely in your own hands,” said Brown.

  College also gives freedom to students by providing them with many various options in which they choose to commit their time.

  “You can literally take any class you want and there are a lot more classes in college than in high school. I took a class called, ‘music: history of rock and r&b,’ and it was my favorite ever. It is nice to have a lot of choices because not everyone has the same interests or hobbies,” said Brown.

  Now, the thing that almost-graduated students fear the most: responsibility. Being a novice in college makes many young adults realize the burden of taking on regular everyday responsibilities.

  “After Heritage responsibility came fast. One inconvenient responsibility I gained was the responsibility of finding parking. I would have to manage my time to arrive earlier. I took care of everything I needed to do on my own and became more organized,” said Brown.

  Planning is a very important part of college. Everyone’s college schedules differ so it remains extremely important to keep events and due dates in check.

  “I have the same exact schedules on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the same for Tuesdays and Thursdays. That made planning a lot easier for me and I’m usually able to fit everything I need into my schedule,” said Brown.

  College can represent a clean slate. It is a time for self-improvement and reflection on how the next years could be even better than the last.

  “College gave me new-found motivation. It ignited a desire to strive for whatever I wanted. It allowed me to realize the endless possibilities that lay before me and anyone else who has the will to work toward their goals,” said Brown.

  Many Heritage students have and will go from the small pool that is Heritage into a large sea of possibilities and new trials, triumphs, and tribulations.

  High school provides students with tools and college provides the space and opportunity to utilize those tools to the best of their ability. With this in mind, college can be a foundation for the abundance of accomplishments ahead.