Super Bowl 53

Peyton Graham, Staff Writer

The 2019 Super Bowl 53 was the most boring Super Bowls yet. Many people were upset at the SuperBowl for many reasons, one major factor being the halftime show.

   It included Maroon 5 and Travis Scott. According to IGN entertainment the Super Bowl “featured SpongeBob’s road to the Super Bowl began when a fan started a petition a few months earlier asking the NFL to have the song performed as a way of paying respect to series creator Stephen Hillenburg.” it’s very considerate that the Superbowl did this as a way of gratitude but it’s also frustrating because they cut the song short because they went straight to playing Sico Mode by Travis Scott. A lot of people would of just prefered for them to have just played SpongeBob Sweet Victory.
    This year was Tom Brady’s 9th Super Bowl and out of the 9 he has won 6 of them which is generally insane taking into consideration that some football players play their entire career not winning a single Super Bowl.
  “I think he is the best,” said Ms. Prado, a Heritage High School teacher.
This is a very common conflict people have been having lately on whether or not Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the league or not. Their are other sides of the story though.
   “Tom Brady is really good but their are other players that are better and average higher overalls,” said Andrew Bacca (11).
   Some people are saying that the Super Bowl was boring because the match up was just so unfair because the Patriots were clearly so much better than the Rams.
   The Rams would average just so many penalties and each penalty is a 5 yard conversion meaning the offensive line gains 5 yards and for a game were each team had such a good defensive line that is a lot because the Patriots would average 3-20 penalties per game and the Rams would average 9-65 penalties per game. But even with those 5 yard conversions the rams were clearly outmatched.