Heritage Improv Kicks Off The School Year


Jenna Hards, Social Media & Fundraising Editor

The lights dim, the chatter of the crowd decrescendos to a silence and is replaced with an upbeat popular tune. The crowd, buzzing with excitement, begins clapping as they welcome the improv general and wait for the show to begin.
This year’s Heritage Improv Team made one impressive and memorable debut with their annual teacher-team show. Led by senior Andrew Davis, the team and the guest teachers did not fail to bring out choruses of laughter from their audience throughout the night.    This year brings new games, new jokes and new members to the team, like Henry Ashcroft (12). Ashcroft is well known for his jokes and comedy within his friends and decided to try his hand at improv.
“What really convinced me to audition was that it seemed like so much fun and I knew people who had done it and they loved it,” explained Ashcroft, “ It’s hard to know what you have to do to fulfill the expectation of being funny for the show and it can pressure you to do well
While the team is busy with its new additions, there are also some returners to the infamous team. Marin Fallows (11), not only known for her father’s role on campus, but also for her acting talents and previous year as an improvist, is very excited for the upcoming year.
“This is one of the best teams we’ve had! Everyone gets along so well and is so supportive,” said Fallows enthusiastically .
Myles Marquez (12), another returning improvist and a well known one at that, is also ecstatic for the new year. Myles is beginning his third year on the team and through his experience has found what helps him most when going up on stage.
“The hardest part about performing really becomes getting out of your shell,” Marquez also agreed with Ashcroft that there is pressure in wanting your jokes to make a hit with the audience, and that it can be nerve wracking when a joke doesn’t.
“The team works super well together. We all have known each other one way or another before the team, but the improv teams just kind make it feel like you’re fooling around on stage with your best friends,” explained Marquez.
However, one of the major changes to the team this year, is the new Improv General Andrew Davis (12). After shadowing Amanda Hollifield last year, Davis was next in line to receive the title of General and lead the team in the 2018-2019 school year.
“As general I always make sure that we have positive attitudes on our team,” explained Davis, “Improv is not competition it’s just a bunch of funny people being funny and that’s really what we’re here to do make people laugh and just have a have a good time.”
There are several more improv shows left this year and the team greatly encourages anyone and everyone to attend and enjoy a night filled with laughter.